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All of our edible art is custom order, priced based on design and size... 

But here are some general pricing guidlines:

I am happy to quote more exact prices based on the specific cake design you have in mind, 

please email me at

Or call or text 913-526-3349 

Tastings & Consultations - Are available for weddings or large events of 75 guests or more, and are complimentary for the first tasting.

Most Buttercream tiered wedding cake designs start at $3.75 per slice but wedding designs can be priced multiple ways so please set up a consultation!

Traditional Buttercream Birthday Cakes - Start at $2 per slice

Custom Fondant Cakes - Start at $4 per slice

Carved Cakes - start at $5.00 per slice

Sheet Cakes - 1/4 sheet $45+ (serves 15-20)

- 1/2 Sheet cakes $90+ (serves 54)

- Full Sheet cake $180+ (serves 108)

Standard Frosted Cupcakes - start at $2.00 each

Fondant Decorated Cupcakes or Filled Cucpcakes - start at $2.75 each

Cookies - $2.50 and up with bags and ribbons

Delivery costs: Vary depending on location of event.

     ~ Arranged pick-ups are available in Gardner KS.

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